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Q: Which marker would be best in my gardens?

A: It is a matter of personal preference and there is no “best” marker. Some prefer the less expensive and less conspicuous D series marker. Others want the larger writing area of the nursery marker, while others prefer the rose marker which comes already assembled. Many gardeners use one style and size for perennials, another for herbs and still another for spring-flowering bulbs.


Q: Are wholesale prices available?

A: Wholesale pricing is now available through our exclusive distributor, Wholesale information may be obtained by faxing a request to 406-522-4178, emailing , or calling 1-800-514-8463.


Q: Can I get free samples of your markers?

A: We regret that we cannot send free samples of our markers to individuals. Even the minimum rate UPS would charge us to deliver one of each of the styles and sizes of the markers we manufacture is prohibitive for a small business like ours. We have tried to make the information in our brochure and web site detailed enough to be helpful in deciding if any of our markers will meet your gardening needs. If you would still like samples we would be glad to ship them to you if you prepay the UPS shipping charge which you may obtain by contacting us. We never charge for the actual marker samples themselves, just the shipping.