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About Us

EON Industries is one of the ever-growing number of small cottage industries in the United States. We manufacture and ship almost two million metal garden markers every year, despite the fact that we are an exclusive women run business and utilize very little outside help. We like it this way as we can control the quality of the metal garden markers from the start to the finish of the manufacturing process and each order receives our personal attention.

We are proud of the fact that all EON metal garden markers are made in the United States of material purchased from U.S. companies. We have worked hard to earn a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of metal garden markers and we realize that our success is due to our customers.

Whether you are buying wholesale or retail or use metal garden markers in your nursery or gardens, or whether you sell them at retail or through a catalog, we know you are looking for quality metal garden markers at a reasonable price and your orders filled accurately and without delay. We are committed to filling your needs with our metal garden markers.


EON Industries is EASY ON NATURE

We have gone GREEN!!

At EON we are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint. We have taken pride in investigating all options for safely protecting our natural surroundings as well as providing the best metal garden markers on the market. Going “green” has been an ongoing interest and after years of testing we have switched the material for the plates of all of the markers we manufacture.

More than a year ago we made the eco-conscience switch from pure zinc to a zinc coated aluminum plate. The new treatment covers the front of the plate and is baked into the metal so there are no concerns of chemicals leaching from the plate. The zinc was vulnerable to price fluctuations and availability which at times delayed obtaining the product when needed. We previously processed the zinc on site but increasing requirements and concerns with chemical exposure and limited resources (EPA involvement) for waste water disposal of acidic water had us looking for safer and cleaner alternatives.

The new plates are made and applied/punched using the same machines used to manufacture our markers for the past 20 years. The dimensions have not changed. Although aluminum is lighter in weight, the new plates are actually made with a heavier gauge material. The most noticeable difference is the feel of the weight of the plate but the strength is actually stronger. The appearance is still inconspicuous with the soft pewter gray coloring. The pens, pencils and adhesive labels previously used for the markers will adhere with the same results on the aluminum.

We have always used recycled paper from our local newspaper to wrap our products for shipping and we now pack our pieces in boxes made from recycled materials. We will never use other packing materials such as foam peanuts. Also regarding recycling we have implemented a program to encourage the return of any of our used/old plates or wires for recycling. Anyone wishing to send a return can contact us for details.

During our transition we have gotten a great deal of positive feedback. We have addressed a few concerns and made a few adjustments with all results satisfactory and beneficial. We would be more than happy to discuss our new markers with anyone interested in learning more. And as always we are open to and appreciate any suggestions and feedback.